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I Matter
Awkward sound of thunder
Is it any wonder? Nothing more than a beating heart
How easy it is to forget
We are biology rolled into thought
Clawing away the very fiber of ignorance
Brick by brick in this house of cards. Charades
A sense of reason approaches
Shy in the presence of this understanding
Frightened by a different, unknown nakedness
A distant, meandering thunder is
A reminder to us all
Lightning flashes in the night
Exposing in an instant
How very far removed from our shadows we are
When in thought during those dark hours
Removed from what makes us unique
This thought scatters across the endless plateau of the mind
And a distant thunder
Caresses this curious, ignorant heart
Into thinking, “I matter.”
The side of me that once thought of a million different ways to dream – has been replaced by nothing more than a father. Penniless and priceless. A hero to a few – a complete disgrace to the world judging on material. I shall continue. In vain.
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