Re: I have a theory.



So, my theory is that all art revolves around Love. The fact that we all love what we do, whether it is painting, music or writing. The fact that we have a burning passion for what we put down on paper or paint across our imaginations. I imagine that when we have a new love; for a person, intrest or new outlook, our inspiration explodes.

I am bringing this up since I have just recently asked out a little lady last night and suddenly this morning I am overwhelming filled with creative juices. Needless to say I will be filling up the forum with my work and critiques.

But, back to my orginal idea, whether your subject is not even remotely near the emotion Love, there is some foundation at the core of it. I know most of my work, if not all is founded on that emotion. This may just be an unfounded idea, but it was only an observence from my perspective.

What do you all think?