Ok, I’m trying this one more time.  Since joining the forum I’ve got my groove back.  So much so that last night I dreamed the hook of my WIP.

I surfed the net this morning looking for the Broadway musical “The Music Man”.  The songs: “Seventy-Six Trombone” and “You Got Trouble” have been going around and around in my head.  All I hear and see is the whole piece flowing perfectly.

I found the music but I can’t find the lyrics.  Everything I pull up is the score and you need to buy it.

I don’t want to buy the music lyrics I just want to see them. I’ll end up buying the cd later.  We are complete musical freaks.  Actually, just plain music freaks.

I’m one step away from setting fingers to keyboard but I’m lacking a minor piece – lyrics.

Send out good wishes that I find them.  Until next time, cya