Re: I am uninspired.



I haven’t written anything fictional in MONTHS! I haven’t really felt inspired by anything. I feel like that is odd because I feel like I am completely in love. I am happy with life (generally) and I enjoy what I am doing. I am hopefully going to college in January, if I pass my GED, lets keep our fingers crossed. I need a little inspiration and if anyone has any helpful tips that would be great.
I bought a used type writer at the local Good Will today and I can’t wait to use it. I just want to have something decent to write about. I miss having creative bursts everyday and sitting in the middle of class jotting them down on my papers.

I also have a recommendation, I just read this awesome book about creativity. (Can I put the title and author on here? I don’t want to break any rules.) In the back of the book it gives you a mission, write for a half an hour everyday for twenty-one days. I started and after the first day I stopped. I want to try it again and not give up on myself. I think it is an awesome idea and if any of you are having a hard time writing you might want to try it. The author suggests writing a letter to Robert E. Lee or Elvis. Then write back as Robert or Elvis. I thought that was ingenious. I personally chose Robert E. Lee because he is a distant distant relative of mine. Hah.
Hopefully the project will help you see your growth as a writer. I hope it will for me.