Re: Horse Thief!



Between us we had over 100 horses, driving the herd to the strains of
Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade
His prize was a white stallion; mine was black
But I coveted his, and he wouldn’t trade it for any number of my
other horses
The only way to have it was to steal it; once a crime punishable by hanging!
“Where’s my white stallion,” he whined. “I dunno,” I lied
Time passed and one day he waved the white stallion triumphantly
in my face; announcing my crime to our grandmother
Who could put the fear of hanging in you by the way!
“She took it! I found it in her suitcase!” he crowed
My mother’s old hard-shelled “train case” where I had packed
my new socks and underwear, preparing to run away …
“Why did you steal his horse?” was the question
“He shouldn’t have been going through my things!” was my futile reply
“Why have you packed your new socks and underwear?”
I guess my embarrassment was punishment enough
Enough fear of the consequences of lying and stealing to last a lifetime
I turned out to be a pretty honest human being; eventually not out of fear