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And another late assignment from the PAD challenge:  DAY 8 – “A Fact Poem”  I’m not happy with this one yet either, but will gladly accept (and maybe even use! ;)) input & suggestions.  Thanks! 🙂

High School Chemistry Lesson

Glass breaks one molecule thick at the edge
(That’s what he told us)

A simple touch –
From razor-smooth stroke
Will draw blood
Before you even sense the slice

There is much I have forgotten
(I am sorry to say)
From my high school chemistry classes

(It’s been many years
And a lot of shards of glass
Under the bridge)

But, to this day,
Whenever I encounter
Broken glass
I recall those words and
Remember this lesson.

And I think too
That (perhaps)
Broken people (sometimes)
Are like broken glass

Exercise care
When picking up the pieces –
And don’t be surprised
If you find yourself
(Before you even
Feel the slice)