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Hello everyone, I’m Kris, but I prefer my penname: Vexis. I’, not new to this art, but I don’t consider myself seasoned in anyway. Writing has been my hobby for years, and up until a few years ago, I only wrote for myself. Now, I get the enjoyment of writing for others: I’ve never been published though, I write only for an addiction I have. I usually write on a daily basis, but none of that would ever be considered good enough for publishing.

I am currently writing a draft for a book, well two actually, but the other is on hiatus. I am very secretive about my work, and very fearful of criticism, but that never stops me from posting any of my writings, so I must not be that afraid. You may or may not have noticed from my extensive vocabulary that I am very young. I guarantee none of you will be able to guess my age.

Well, happy writing,