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I’ve been looking for a like minded forum for writers and have enjoyed what I have seen so far.

I did some years as a newspaper reporter, photojournalist and editor before divorce and family responsibilities left me reeling for money and health insurance.

I finally got college, a biology degree and all the children out of the way. Now with a secure job with decent pay, it’s time to get back to writing. Unfortunately, the work is not 9-5 and I can’t join writing groups here.

My first effort is a historical fiction novel based on my great grandparents life. With 13 children, two states and her destructive personality it sounds more like Hollywood pulp except for the fact that is takes place between 1870 and 1950. She was a bit of a floozy, which really adds the color.

I’ve decided that this may be the way to get some critical feedback on the writing.  It’ll also keep me writing when I feel like curling up in bed and sleeping for days.:(

I’m looking for all the help you veterans can give me, including how to do the web blogging.