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My name is Joe. I’m 35. I have been writing for about 20 years as a hobby. I’ve written many short stories for fun. My main interest is fiction, and I like historical drama, science fiction, and other dramas. I am writing my first novel (untitled so far) about a young man in Chicago who has both good and bad social experiences. It’s a bit of a dark story with drama, suspense, and high adventure themes. The angle I want to write it is very “everyday life” or realistic.
As far as writing technique, what I would like to study right now is how to write good descriptions. Characters, buildings, towns, cities, nature, anything. I admire C. Dickens for his ability to write good descriptions and he is my favorite classic author. If you have tips or recommendations on writing descriptions, they are very much appreciated.
I read a lot of books and after buying ebooks for the Microsoft Reader, I am reading more than ever. I also download a lot of free classic novels in .pdf format. The web is turning up more free novels all the time.
Lastly, if you have any recommendations for science fiction dramas, I’ll be very grateful. Is this a rare genre? I’m looking for real-life stories in a future world, with no themes of government tyranny or the like.
Thanks for reading!