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Poetic Asides PAD Challenge DAY 9 was “A Dream or Dream-like Poem”, and I thought I might try to resurrect one I brought here a couple of weeks ago.  (It came from a very life-like and powerful dream.)  I’ve played with the poem, but it still feels weak to me.  But, before I relegate it to the depths of my “incomplete ideas” file — if anyone has any insights, ideas, suggestions — I’m all ears!  (It isn’t so easy to capture a dream! 😉 )  Thanks for any input you can offer!


He Came

He came to me in darkness
Touched me in a dream
and though I couldn’t see him
I knew his face
Felt his smile.
His breath ful-
Filling my lungs
His taste
Searing my throat
His heart
In my chest.

He stayed for but a
in time
but He was (I knew)
the other half
of We.

I have never met him
in This Life
but I have loved him well
in another.