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This is a short fictional story. Critiques welcome

The Guardian Angel

He appeared to be in a deep sleep. Mechanical devices, and tubes sustained him physically, keeping him alive through artificial means. But, his mind, locked in a space between life and death, prevented him from communicating, even with his own body. he could not open his eyes, nor move his hands or any of his limbs. None of the apparatus he was hooked to could change this, but there was a way. He had a strong will and a deep faith. He felt her presence and knew all would be well.

She gazed at the elderly man. She did not know yet, of his fate. That was a decision, not of hers’ to make. She was there, because, he needed her help. She was limited in what she could do. She could only assist him, or make sure there were others to help him.

All his children were there, two sons and two daughters. And his 12 year old grandson. They stepped out of the room to talk, leaving his grandson at his bedside.

Tom, trying to stay brave, held back tears, his eyes blury, he swallowed the hard lump in his throat.

“Do you think he’ll come out of the coma?” he asked, looking at his siblings, waiting for one to answer. He glanced back in the room at his father. There was no restlessness, no movement, other than the rising and falling of his chest.

“The Doctor said, there’s no way to tell for sure. But it doesn’t look promising, there hasn’t been any sign of improvement.” his older brother answered.

It’s been several months, what if he doesn’t, what if he stays in it for years?” Jo-Anne the youngest sister asked, her voice distraught. I’ve read about things like this. He’ll deteriorate, he’ll be like a vegetable, just laying there breathing. He wouldn’t want to be like that, maybe we should see about getting rid of all this machines and let him die naturally. I…I… wo… wo..n’t, be able to…deal…” her voice quivering, she broke down in sobs, trembling, she reached out for her older sister.

Katherine hugged her “Maybe, it’s time we leave, we’ll be back tomorrow.”

The Angel could see the shared feelings of despair and the helplessness in their expressions, of not feeling able to change anything. She felt the man stirring. This is what she was waiting for, she could feel his thoughts coming to her. He wanted to be able to communicate with Jonathon. He wanted to hear his grandsons voice, he wanted Jonathon to know. This is why he summoned her.

This she could do, if both their faith was strong enough, she could act as intermediary. The angel moved behind the young boy, her wings spread around both his sides, slightly enclosing him.

“Grandpa, I hope you can hear me, Jonathon spoke softly, please don’t die, I need you. You taught me to play ball, you help me with my homework, you take me fishing, please don’t go.” Jonathon laid his head on his grandfathers arm, the old man could feel the warmth of the little boys tears flowing across the back of his hand. This made him feel needed, and that need gave him strength.

As the old mans children re-entered the room, Jonathon, looked up at his mother, his face streaked with wetness, “Mom, Grandpa isn’t going to die, I know he’s not.”

Katherine pulled her son against her chest, hugging him tightly “Jonathon, there’s no way for us to know for sure. Grandpa wouldn’t want to live like this.” she answered him sadly.

“Mom, I know, I know what Grandpa is thinking, the Angel will help, grandpa can see her. Jonathons’ faith was strong, he knew his grandfather would never lie to him. Please believe me Mom, the boy pleaded. I’m going to visit him everyday.”

The Angel cast her wings across the boy. This she could do, she could assist, by making sure there were others to help him.

She would stay and wait.

Jonathon came everyday, placed his hand on his granfathers and talked to him. Katherine moved closer to her son, she was sure she felt a sensation of feathers across her face. She gazed quizzically at Jonathon and then at her Dad. She remembered as a child, her father always telling her that everyone had a Guardian Angel, who would come when a person really needed their help. She knew he must have told the same story to Jonathon.

“Grandpa, I’ll wait for you everyday. I know you’re strong. I know you want to see me, as much as I want to see you. You don’t have to worry about “gunner” Timmy and I take him for a walk every day and then we feed Percy, your cat, but they miss you too.” Then he would tell him what was going on in his life, that he was having trouble with his math, naively hoping his grandfather for sure would get better to help him. He didn’t hear direct answers from his grandfather, but he always left knowing he was getting better.

After a few days, his grandfathers eyes opened. A few days later, he was able to move his hands and limbs. He responded to stimuli. Then the day came when the machines were removed and he began breathing on his own. Then he began to speak. His first sentence was to his grandson “Jonathon, you were my Guardian Angel.” he said.

The Angel smiled.