This is a vent! But feel free to add.

I am angry we have reduced the verb list to GOT!

We don’t receive, buy, inherit, – we got, or we’ve gotten.
There are many more actions than just GOT.

Yeah sure in some instances it is perfect.

I had a pretty rough English teacher who thrashed me as much as she possibly could regarding my vocabulary. Highly criticized my work, and just nothing was ever good enough, but I kept my vocabulary correct.

Even the most professional of papers, magazines, and new casters continually use ‘GOT’ and well truth be told it Infuriates me.

We want people who come to and live in this country to ‘speak English’ well, why should they, heck we aren’t using it properly.

Please as writers it is important to keep using verbs and to stop allowing “GOT’s” coup. It makes us sound less intelligent and waters down the storyline.