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I have been on a break from here for a little while.  I decided I would only return once I got something accepted for publication.  It happened a little sooner than I thought! 

 My non-fiction story, “The Case of Flowers” has been accepted for publication in the first issue of a local magazine entitled The Polk Street Review. This magazine is being published by my former newspaper teacher and a colleague of his.  The requirement for submitting is to either be from the area or tell a story about/taking place in the area. My story is 1,700 words, and they would like me to make it a little shorter, but have already told me they will include it in the issue.  The best part is I received my acceptance letter not from my teacher, but from his colleague, so I feel happy that I’m not just getting published out of pity or because my former teacher is biased. 

 The issue will be printed in October, 2011.  My payment is contributer’s copies, but I feel this is an important first step.  I am submitting to many paying markets, and now my query letters can include not just an Honorable Mention, but a real publication!  I have received and shared several rejection letters, so I thought it might be cool to share an acceptance:

Hi Kim,
I’m B—-.  I read your piece a little over a week ago.  I thought K— would get in touch with you since you know him, but I see (or I think I see…  I can’t figure out if you’ve been replied to yet or not) that that’s not the case.

I really liked your story!  I value your perspective and think it would add to our journal.  In fact, your story made me think of including a collection of anecdote/Noblesville moment pieces (whatever we call them) that would be first person non-fiction and would be short and sweet and both stand alone and work together throughout the journal.

Would you be willing to make this piece shorter?  I think that’s where we’d have to go with it.
Thanks again for your submission and I’m sorry we took so long to get back with you.