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This piece took about ten minutes to compose and I did not stop to do any spell checks or grammar corrections. “Writing Down the Bones” suggests that as you start writing you should do five and ten minute writing exercises to loosen the pen and the brain. Let whatever comes into the mind just flow on the paper and do not stop to make corrections, but move right along until the time period is up. I began writing as a poet and I by-passed all of these practices of the beginning writer, but I see real validity in the use of these forms. If you have not done this before, I challenge you to do it. This is not a contest piece, just a thought provoking piece to get the juices flowing. I hope it helps some! Cheers, Don 




The following is a freewrite and timed. 


Today I am just going to amble in my thoughts, just let the ideas come and go and I will grab whatever feels right and penn it down.  Whatever comes into my mind from my surroundins i will incorporate in my wirk. This could take me in a hundred directions but I am prepared to wite until the words stop or my mind goes comletely blank.  Blank is when there is absolutely not a fragment of thought that ci=omes into the mind and interrupts the qiuetness of just emmptying my thoughts of everything. The only way I will stop this transmission is when i come to an empty space in my thoughts, then I will bring all things to a halt.  THE END>

Shall I write again?  Why not!  I am ready always to share ideas and thoughts and stories with anyone around who would listen.  This is fun as long as I knoew what to say from one line to the other.  It gets scary when I can’t remember wht I was going to say or where I was going again with my thoughts. Right now I am just throwing words down and compiling what seems ans even feels like nonsense, but is it.  Are my thoughts alloeed to express themselves, since that it what is happening here. I enjoy sharing stories and talking about the things I enjoy in life and of course writing is a major one with me. Without my pen and pad where would I be.  It will lead the way in what i do now in my future. I look forward to where it will take  me.  I’m excited at the many propects, I’m just waiting for the doors to swing open, I’m ready to answer the call.  Tha is all!