English Man

Okay, I performed a very interesting, and I think instructive exercise this morning that I want to report to my fellow writers.  I went down to my favorite bookstore, my neighborhood ‘Barns & Noble’, in this case, and I pulled a half dozen novels from the Fiction shelf and JUST read the flyleaf.

It was an amazingly revealing experience, and I think very helpful in my quest to find the ultimate query letter.  I have been told many times, that my query letters should look a lot like those fly leaves.

An interesting thing happened.  My mind went into ‘flyleaf mode’… I started thinking in huge, broad brushstrokes, and I took a dozen steps back from the novel I’m working on, and was able to see the HUGE picture.  What came out, I think, was pretty cool.

So, I present here, the proposed flyleaf for my novel, Emerald.  I suppose this should probably go in the ‘Query Letter’ forum.. but geez.. you know?  You guys just don’t go over there enough.  So anyway… here it is:


The immortal Guardian Erlini sacrifices her life to save a young farm boy and his town.  This single act of selflessness spawns a series of events that pulls young Therin into a tale of destiny, discovery, and intrigue. 

In this first installment of the epic Guardian series, Therin, hounded by dark dragons and evil spectres, seeks sanctuary in the magical city of Ana`Aroth after rescuing Erlini from the clutches of the evil Dragon Lord.  After seeking training from his mentor, forest warder Farthir, Therin explores the wonders of the city of the Guardians, forges the living sword Van`Thir with the help of a dwarven master smith, and is blessed by the Phorin`Tra with magic, healing, and perception.

A subversive attack on his companions by the evil snake-like Ssithifris launches Therin into direct conflict with the minions of evil, and begins a quest to save the life of the beautiful elven lady Narí and to restore the stolen Loath`Kin to its creator.

Epic battles, wonderful adversaries both above and below the ground, and magnificent vistas of the unblemished natural land of Salustra adorn this epic tale of fate, love, and the quest to restore balance into a world torn asunder by the encroachments of the evil Phanta Overlord.