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Hi, This is my first post of a new manuscript. It is also the first chapter, help anmd gidance reqested, Gustave

Chapter One

February, Sunlit City, Florida, 1974.
It was the height of the tourist season and even this early the roads were busy. A light breeze fluttered the branches of the Royal Palms that divided the street. The red sun on the edges of the horizon promised a cloudless sky.
He slowed his Jeep down at the Causeway Crossover and glanced idly at a Mercedes convertible in the causeway lane. Then looked at the driver.
It was the guy!
The sonofabitch!
Still Alive!
Not for long you dirty bastard!
The thoughts rushed through him as his veins swelled the memories long coated by time. Ten lousy years and now less than ten feet away.
Topping it off, the guy looked happy, not a care and in a Mercedes. His black hair was styled and had wisps of gray. A small diamond in his right ear and a triangular notch cut right below the pierced jewel. It was him. He saw the masked man looking over the railing, raising the gun.
The Jeeps motor had jumped and the guy looked over without recognition, yet must have seen the look in Shards face and his own lips twisted with dismissive contempt and he zoomed over the causeway.
The killer hadnt recognized him. Good.
The light changed, Shard accelerated two blocks and made the turn with tires screeching onto the Causeway. He had no idea what he would do when he caught up to him, nothing too sudden, but he needed his name and where he could keep tabs on him.
The Mercedes stopped at a light and Shard stayed back. A few miles down the highway the car turned into the parking lot of the Harbor Country Club and Marina.
He pulled to the far side of the lot, past the condos and next to undeveloped acreage and watched the man go in.
In a few minutes he opened the trunk. He lifted the spare tire and took a package wrapped in oil cloth out of the empty well and closed the trunk. In the car he unwrapped the package and took out a small thirty eight. He opened the cylinder checked and swung it shut. He put it in his jacket.
Shard pulled open the driftwood door and walked across the green carpeted lobby. The dining room was on the right and he looked beyond the roomful of people to the picture window that framed the marina boat slips and , further out, other anchored in the basin. To the right of the inlet, the golf course had a few groups playing.
The man was seated in a booth that faced the water. Another man across from him had black hair that circled his mouth like a burned bagel and a sun bleached pony tail that bobbled whenever the other guy said something. Seeing the guy enjoying a big breakfast instead of being dead and buried, made his stomach twist.
A hostess walked toward him.
May I seat you, sir?
Not today, but I thought I saw someone I knew, that man with the beard around his mouth is that Kevin Waterman?
Thats Jimmy Kane, he works for Mr. Sabella. the man with him.
Sabella huh, I thought he was a man I used to know that lived in California.
She smiled. Mr. Sabella lives here on his yacht.
Shard thanked her and turned to leave when he saw Kane slide out of the booth, his eyes already beamed in on Shard. Kanes pony tail bobbed like the last horse in a stampede as he headed toward him. Shit.