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I have realized over the past few days that I’m starting to think of myself as an actual writer. I used to love writing back in elementary school. I mostly gave up creative writing going into high school, but college brought it back.  It is taking me less time to come back to writing each time I step away from it. I feel like I am ready to be more serious about this craft. I still have to work on this BIC stuff, but now even when I’m not BIC, I’m not simply idly thinking about having a finished product. I’m testing out ideas and scenes in my head to see if they fit with what I’ve already created. Writing down what I like. Maybe discovering I’ve come up with something to change because the new idea works better. Sometimes finding an idea I’d initially liked, then dismissed as stupid, isn’t as bad as I thought and usable after all. I’m not the dedicated and passionate writer that some of you are, but I think I’m headed in the write (right hehe) direction. My writing has improved and I know some of my target areas that still need work.

My novel won’t be done by the end of November, but based on my recent progress, I think by New Year’s is a reasonable expectation and goal. I’ll still have to push myself to get there, but it won’t make me hate my story either. Then I get to concentrate on polishing it up. My draft (of about 2-3 scenes) more than doubled in size not counting several pages of notes once I joined the forums about a year ago, and over this last week has seen three new scenes, an existing scene expanded on, and more character and setting development, plus a map to orient me. I think I’m picking up speed. 😀