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this is something i wrote for my parents and siblings as a christmas gift…it’s not great, but it’s my family for sure. ;D

Family Is…

Imitating siblings in a whiny voice,
Tuna noodle casserole on Tuesdays,
Scrambling to find the remote control,
Mostly so Dad wouldn’t make us change the channel.
Yet we always found the time,
For scratching each other’s backs,
And eating at the big table.
Making mud pies in the back yard
In the dress Mom stitched herself,
Laying in the sunshine all summer long,
Yearning for winter’s snow.
Flying kites in Woodward Park
On lazy autumn weekends,
Remembering the good old days.
Still a tear rolls down my cheek,
Understanding what my parents did,
Reminded of their sacrifices,
Ensuring hope for our future.