Re: Dreams of War (latest rewrite, I think I may be done.)

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Mary Jo

My first good draft is in the archives somewhere. I’ve been working on it though and for some reason I feel pretty good about this one. I’m thinking this may be it. 😉

Dreams of War 

I dreamt of War last night.

Dancing seductive and fearsome

pulling me in igniting

desire, hardening manhood.

Fevered lovers twisted amid

blood stained sheets it

was horrible, terrifying,


I awoke to Peace, my reluctant

bride. Haggard in visage and clumsily

dull in her dance. Damming up

affection, manhood retreats

passionless. Boring lovers

all we can accomplish

is mediocrity.

Often the very thing we desire is the very thing that can destroy us.

Good and Evil,

who determines such a

thing, God? Illumination or

Ignorance, who then decided that

God was the light, what if they

were wrong? Purity or Obscenity,

if God really cared why would

Purity be so damn boring?

Sin, whatever that may be,

invades our beings, birthing lust

for our own downfall. Guilt

demands we cry for salvation to

a God we don’t trust. A paradox

tearing at the fabric of faith.

Often the very salvation we require is the very thing we loathe.

Very well. I shall lay with Peace

offering up prayers, for strength

and forgiveness. Day by day I shall

survive conforming, existing,

I think. But I still have my dreams,

night by night, I can have her.

Her ebon hair, emerald eyes,

her glistening skin and in those dreams

I shall live.

I will dream of War.