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I’m grateful to post another meditation for my collection for your scrutiny and comments.  But please, keep them in (see below)  tee hee!  Lillies 



Recently we visited a Catholic Church. As out of town visitors, we were unaware of the mass time schedule. God, I’m sure, planned our entire arrival, for there was one parking spot at the walkway leading to the church door. Upon entering a side door to the church proper, the first pew in front of the altar had two seats vacant. Just as we were seated, the organ and an entire violin section began playing the processional. The vast nave of the church vibrated from the grand and glorious strains. After the standard bearer and altar boys, four priests, and then—oh my, the Arch Bishop in all his finery followed the grande entrance. “Not bad,” my husband whispered. “Pick a church and be treated to an Arch Bishop.” Divine order.

How many times can you look back over your life and recount such an event, where no matter how impossible a situation seemed, God intervened and made the impossible possible with His Divine Order? How many times have you willfully planned something, feeling deep inside it was not right and suddenly have just the opposite occur bringing forth a perfect solution?

What is Divine Order? It is the out-working of our past prayers and praises of thanksgiving to God. The more we acknowledge God’s presence, His Omnipresence, and place our whole being before Him, we are relinquishing our will to allow Him to work through us and bring forth Divine Order into our lives.

This morning, this afternoon, this evening, look around you. Look through the eyes of your soul. See the workings of God’s Divine Order all about you. The beauty of the trees as they bud this springtime, the flowers’ sweet aroma, the moon as it drifts silently across the sky, the order of the days and nights, the birds that fly in the air. Then look at yourself, your own body, the workings of your mind and body and know that you too, are in Divine Order.

My youngest brother, who was a Lutheran minister, had a favorite prayer which I quote here: “The eyes of all wait upon thee, oh Lord and Thou givest them their meat in due season. Thou openest thy hand and satifieth the desire of every living thing.” Now is that not Divine Order?