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If a word could describe me as a writer or poet
generic would do better instead of the better brand name of it

If a word could describe me in things accomplished or achieved
procrastinator is what people would most likely first perceive

If words could describe me as a leader or a follower
push over is it because it fills the gap in leadership that’s hollow

If words could describe me as a person people know to trust
a toss up would fit well with me known sometimes as another one bites the dust

If words could describe me in being a person loyal to another
betrayed cheater explains events happened causing loyalty to smother

If words could sum up a name for my personality best all around
a big hearted dreamer would hold a tune on pitch that deaf toned ears could hear the sound

* Need help on deciding whether the first line should stay the same by saying ” If a word could describe ” instead of alternating with ” If words could describe ” thus also changing the first word or words of the next line from being one word or two ? *