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Dead Bugs
Could come by flip flop
Nothing more than a spot
Wiped forever away this bug that is not
The end
Could arrive by light
In the darkness of night
A betrayal of flight
No more empty roads
Just count all the flattened toads
No more creepy things
And all the feelings they bring
Ever been crushed?
Turned into mush?
Wouldn’t like it much
Ever been smashed?
When dead thrown into the trash?
No ghost to haunt
Just those that remain to taunt
On the ceiling in the middle of the night
Ever had the feeling
You’re being watched when you turn out the light?
Six legs. Eight eyes.
Some that crawl. Some that fly
In the end what to do?
Remember when it’s over
They’ll be all over you!
Saw my friend the roach last night. Big one too…..ugghhhh!!!!!!!