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He uses words like a sledgehammer
slamming down on bunnies.

Traveling the information highway,
searching for victims unskilled at the game,
he delights when he finds someone
he can release a verbal volley against,
and evilly laughs when he inflicts pain.

One day, he goes too far, and
a young girl dangles from the end of a rope
in her garage.

He tells the judge “I never intended for her
to kill herself. I was just kidding around.”

“Tell that to the mother” says the judge
“Who’s just put her daughter in the ground.”

Electrons don’t kill,
cyberstalkers do.

Sidebar: Why? Why did I write this poem? You’ve read the headlines of how this exact situation happens. Cyberbullies are people with deep emotional problems who try to inflict as much pain on victims as possible. I, myself, am being harassed by a cyberbully on another forum. I’m just a fellow who writes poetry to relieve stress….that’s all……and this guy zeroes in on me like a dive bomber. I ask my fellow poets to write similar poems about cyberbullies and to talk to other folks about cyberbullying. (Stepping down off my soapbox. Have a great day, friends. I’m so glad my experience in this forum has been “cyberbully free.”)