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This poem came about in attempt to utilise more color and sensory expression, since a lot of my poetry tends to be word-play (one might say). So, I spent a few days on this one, at first just going with what I felt then trying to build around it and refine it. Anyway, let me know what you think. I’m really uncertain how to shape it or work with it, which I will undoubtedly do as further thoughts and/or feelings come around. As is, I’m moving on for now… 🙂

i love you
without knowing
you break my heart
sticky, sweet and red
as a candied-apple
dripping hot cinammon
so drink in deep
breath out winter mint
kiss me icy blue
and blazing white
irradiates my mind
alive with lime-green neon dreams
dying black with gangrene
melting in your mouth
buttery smooth
as jaundiced yellow
around a purple bruise
bite into it
hard with hunger
right to the core
drain it clear
as spring water
leave refreshed
with knowing
you love me