Re: Christmas Letters



Do any of you write Christmas letters? As in, do you send a long, drawn-out expose’ of every family member’s minute-by-minute happenings of the year? Or do you take the quick summary approach and say, “We’re still alive. Yippee!”

Or do you do what I do? Do you write the craziest jumble of incoherent thoughts and package it all together under the heading, “Dear Friends and Family?” I think some of my family members think my sole purpose of such letters is to leave them scratching their heads and wondering who was responsible for finding me at the back end of a turnip truck. The fascinating part, however, is that they continue to read them year after year, and rumor has it, some even anticipate receiving my crazy ramblings in the mail. Whatever!

What about you all? Do you put some serious diligence into your Christmas letters? Or do you let Hallmark say it for you?