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I wish I’d checked online complaints before using GoFreelance. I signed up for a $2.95 intro subscription (they send lists of freelance opportunities by e-mail, none of which I found useful) then after the intro period, they charge you $29.95 per month. I cancelled immediately but the cancellation link bounced. I wrote the site owner, no response, but I hoped I was cancelled because I stopped getting e-newsletters. Then I was billed another $29.95, went through the same process, and none of their cancellation links worked. They are a non-US company with no address filed. PayPal, who handles the billing, was not helpful. Their dispute resolution denied my claim against GoFreelance since I had subscribed initially. I did finally cancel my subscription through PayPal (wish I’d known to do that sooner, but of course I thought the company would honor my cancellation request) but I am still out $60. After this happened I checked online complaints against GoFreelance, and the name they used before, Freelance Work Exchange. They have a TON of complaints.

Before you give your $ to anyone online (even if it’s just a small introductory charge and even if they sound legit), check for online complaints, write the company and see if you have a legitimate e-mail address to resolve any issues.

I have also read online that GoFreelance has used craigslist to advertise job openings. The prospective writer has to register with GoFreelance to get the job. Never pay for a job lead.