Re: Caroling


Anthony Head

Being the time of year, etc. etc. I find myself full of eggnog and perhaps a wee bit of Irish coffee. As usual when in this state, the lyrics of certain carols begin ringing through the empty space between my ears. When that occurs, I am driven to create new lyrics to replace the old, the tired, the poor… Oh, wait. That’s something else entirely.

New lyrics for those lovely old karoke carols. Dig in deep and post your own or add to mine. Anyone who makes them into a record and sells a million copies, at least give the rest of us some credits on the album.

For Cindy: It’s beginning to look like Christmas.

It’s beginning to smell like baked squirrel,
All around the house.
No matter what we tried
the little creature died

That’s all the further my besotted brain could take that one.

The Christmas Song

Reindeer roasting on an open fire,
Santas’s getting rubber hosed.
Homeland boys are all full of ire,
And the illegal elves have to go.


Rudolph, the red state voter,
Had a very simple pose.
Liberals can say what they want,
Everybody knows they blow.

Ok, I’ve tortured you enough, I’ll slink away.