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demon blood

Hi all I have been away for sooo long!

I got caught up with a building forum, helping others with their colour problems and have seemed to stray from the one important thing in my life……my novel, and getting it published.

I now have writers block for novel 3, first chapter is done and for some reason I can’t seem to get back into the swing of things. What do you all do when this happens?

I have spent a year helping others with their design problems, and now have a major problem of my own. I know I would not have got my first novel to completion without the valued help I received from everyone in this forum.

I also know I can’t post any of my work…..deemed as undesirable! Sorry for that.

But I would like to get my query letter critiqued if everyone doesn’t mind having a look and telling me what they think?

Thank you all.

I look forward to hearing your replies; I will post it down in Query Letter Clinic.