Re: Bait



I sit and wait
At the end of a fishing line I feel like the bait
I watch the clock as if it’s going to move any faster by my stare
In a game of truth or dare, I feel like the choice and it was dare
I am angry and worried at the same time
In a countdown from ten for something to start I’m stuck at nine
I am feeling tired but don’t want to go to bed
A hungry dog infront of an empty bowl waiting to be fed
I hate to hate you even for a short period of time
I’m playing hide and go seek by myself and there is no one to find
I wish these moments that make me worry, angry, and insane would go away
A stop sign is put at the end of a road and until knocked down that is where it stays
I want peace and a comforting feelings inside me all the time
Like a law people have to follow against crime
I want you to help me find this feeling because you cause me to have ones unwanted that I don’t like
Your the fisherman holding the pole with me as the bait, so just yank me out before you get a bite