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Long ago, I was obsessed with these things. Never got one, forgot thinking about them for several more years until right now, when I said – holy @#$%!, why have I neglected the stand-up desk? Often I used to write standing up, not sure why I stopped. Sometimes I’d write standing up in a press box. Bunch of lazy fat reporters would look at me like I was insane. Growing up in Va., the first time I heard about one was at a visit to Monticello. If it was good enough for Mr. Jefferson, it’s good enough for me. This company sells different models, including:

The Thomas Jefferson, featuring a laptop that looks like it came from the mid-18th century



The Virginia Woolf



 The Deluxe da Vinci 2-in-1



As nice as some are, I’m going to make one of these things myself. Don’t feel like paying The Man.