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Mary Jo

Yep today is my thirteenth wedding anniversary. Being absolutely flat broke (please cheapskate forgive the sunglasses purchase. 😉  ) it is once more an anniversary of the heart rather than any lavish gifts.

We also are in the middle of saving for a vacation next month and so while I could’ve splurged and got a nice sparkley on sale at SEARS. I knew it wasn’t the prudent thing to do. So whether or not anyone agrees or not, I consider myself kinda of talented. (good lord what would I be doing here so long if I wasn’t) Anywho my plan, such as it is, is this. I shall clean myself up and surprise her at work tomorrow with nothing more than this poem and then take her to lunch. I am no poet but this one just feels right. Just curious what you all thought.

Thirteen Years

May 27, 1995

I forgot to breathe as you entered the chapel.
A vision bathed in pure sunlight truly a gift from god.
A goddess wrapped in pearl white and lace on sale from JC Penny’s.
The room began to spin and my chest hurt.
My best man finally punched me in the ribs “Breathe man.”
The rest of the ceremony was a slow motion attempt at holding back tears of joy.

Despite all of the food at the reception we didn’t eat anything ourselves.
Despite the hearts full of desire; the bodies were too exhausted to ENJOY being alone.
The car was used, the hotel not as clean as we would’ve liked, but the ocean was
incredible, second only to your own warmth and beauty.
Life had just begun.
We had just begun.

May 27, 2008

Thirteen years some incredible some not, all filled with love.
Mistakes were made and forgiven.
Mistakes will be made and forgiven in due time.
The only smart choice I ever made and continue to make is to be your husband.

We tried for so long and couldn’t have children.
Then God delivered a miracle late in 2002.
With each diaper we smiled.
With each two thirty in the morning feeding we gave praise.
With each scary doctors visit we prayed.

Thirteen years and our family may not have material wealth.
Instead our wealth is of the heart.
There is opulence in our closeness.
Our laughter is lavish and full of love.

All triumphs accomplished in the past or unwritten future pale next to you.
Last night as we reflected on the long journey to where we are now you said to me.
“It doesn’t seem nearly that long does it?”
Love is timeless and cannot be measured.
It can only be felt.

I love you Katherine Nicole Hess and look forward to our twenty sixth and beyond.

Charles Kevin Hess
May 27, 2008