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This is something i wrote awhile ago for fun. It’s definitely not some of my best writing, but I’m sure anyone that’s had what some call ‘writers block’, knows exactly how this feels. I’m working on my nanowrimo novel (18.5k words and counting) and discussing with writing buddies about how sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the words just seem to disappear.



I want so bad to write something new,

But my creative juices are dried,

I think and think until I can’t think no more,

My poor little brain has become fried.


My hand is cramped from holding the pen,

The tears on my face will not dry,

If only the words would reach out and tell me,

I would not have a reason to cry.


My fingers are bleeding from typing so long, 

But the page is still blank to my eyes,

Type, delete, type, delete, type, delete,

I hear the sound of my brain as it dies.