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God:   “What is the meaning of this?  I thought we agreed these shrink sessions would take place on earth.

Dr. Grey:   “Satan wanted to answer some questions for me, but in your presence, if that is ok with you.” 

God:   “Absolutely, then we can get it all out in the open. Any feelings he has of remorse or sorrow is best dealt with on a person to person level any way.” 

Dr. Grey:   “Lord, he wants to ask you a simple question.” 

God:   “And guess what? I have a simple answer for him.” 

Lu:   “My question goes like this: What was your hurry in booting me out of heaven. I was just getting settled in and comfortable, when I am being bodily thrown to the earth by your thugs.” 

God:   “I certainly understand your emotion, but in order to quell what appeared to be an insurrection, I knew I would have to nip it in the bud, early. Sorry if it displeased you. Quite frankly it really angered me, and you got the milder of the two disciplines.” 

Lu:   “What may I ask was the other option?” 

God:   “I really wanted to tar and feather you and then lower you into a vat of boiling lava.” 

Lu:   “Well, I’d say you were being kind then to kick me down to earth.” 

Dr. Grey:   “Lord, I had a question for you as well. How many sessions with the devil will he be needing?” 

God:   “Funny you should ask that. I had another option for him besides talking to you.” 

LU:   “I would like to hear that one.” Satan stands by listening intently. 

God:   “You won’t like this other idea of mine either. That was your problem all along. You never like most of my suggestions. Anyway, I was going to have a few of my more devout Angels beat the heck out of you. But I knew it would profit me little, since you are like me in some ways. Once you make up your mind, that is that. It would have felt good though.” 

Lu:   “On the other hand, God, it must irk the Heck out of you to see all of the many followers I have enticed away from your encampment.” 

God:   “Oh foolish man of evil, I know whom are mine. They are well positioned in my hands. These are the faithful ones who would rather die than be a part of your merriment and foolishness.” 

Dr. Grey:   “Guys, guys – break it up. We are here to talk, not have a shouting match in the heavens. I think we better leave off for another time and date. Maybe give ourselves the space of about a year for both of you to cool off. Neither of you will give an inch. So this concludes our lively session here. We will be headed back to earth now.” 

(The devil and the shrink will begin there sessions on earth as we continue.) 


Author Notes
Maybe we will get into the head of Satan and figure out what possesses him to do the things and make the choices that he does. 
All in fun and for the amusement of the reader.