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I finally received a decision on the funding for my MRes. Sadly, the study area I was hoping to resume (the effects of chemicals and rising sea temperature on marine life) has been turned down. Fortunately, my second choice has been approved, so I will be looking into the genetics and behavioural traits of sport horses and why some lines are favoured over others. The funding panel were “intrigued by the applicants hypothesis that there is a gene present in these lines that makes horses from those lines susceptible to undesirable training practises through a willingness to please.” The uni are particularly happy to be the centre for a study which could potentially have a far reaching impact on sport horse breeding round the world.
In other news, one of the novel ideas that was started with the invasion of La Rochelle has started to take shape. OH says he knows it will be a good idea as I’m only 5,000 words in and I’m already nit picking and writing a list of places I need to visit!