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@rob vargas

plotto is a book about a process to be used that also contains many plot segments identified, and cross linked to matching segments, to help create a logical story that holds together

average review 4.1. mostof the one star reviews have no logical basis.

“Plotto has just been reissued for the edification of novelists everywhere.”

“Plotto is a reference guide that is at once dense, artful, and hilarious.”
– Brainpickings

“”A freaky plot museum containing every twist under the sun.””
– Chris Baty, Founder of NanoWriMo and author of NO PLOT? NO PROBLEM

About the Author
William Wallace Cook was born in Marshall, Michigan, in 1867. He was the author of a memoir, The Fiction Factory, as well as dozens of Westerns and science-fiction novels, many of which were adapted into films. He was nicknamed “the man who deforested Canada” for the volume of stories he fed into the pulp-magazine mill. He spent five years composing Plotto before finally publishing it in 1928. Cook died in his hometown of Marshall in 1933.

this book does not create the plot. you still need to be creative. but it helps assemble a complete plot that holds together by suggesting things that would fit, based on context of your previous choices, for you to consider
when limning your plot outline.