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feel free to use anything that works for you

WD does not push pantsing because there is no way to teach pantsing that works
very well. From what I see of it is akin to trial and error combined with the socratic method where the student has to figure everything out for themselves.

OTOH creativity and planning have a large body of knowledge to be used to teach those approaches.

I am sure if you could come up with a course that taught pantsing then WD would be more than happy to offer it and pay you big royalties for all the students they enroll for that approach and commissions on all the content they sell with your method.

not sure why you dont think efficiency is important. we all have limited time and most of us want to get the most done with the time we can spend on a project. and for those of us making a living writing, efficiency is necessary to keep our jobs. efficiency also maximises income which is a big goal of most people writing for a living as independent contractors.

funny how business managers want you to finish the content on deadline and aimed directly at the target audience while meeting all the other constraints such as word count and format. in the several companies i worked for i never saw anyone who pantsed their work and was successful. the few that tried either quit or got fired. rarely, some tekkie who could not write would be assigned a writer because of the other value they brought to the company. but a writer who could not write efficiently and effectively would soon be an ex employee.

clearly for short stories and novels or scripts if you are not trying to make a living then efficiency may take second place to having fun playing at being a writer , and the only person you have to keep happy is yourself (and for some folks also a spouse:) with whatever you might actually write with whatever method you choose to use.