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Currently waiting to find out if the funding for my original MRes will be available in September or if I need to submit a new subject. As a result, I’m in discussion with friends and colleagues in France, UK and Germany about possible alternative subjects. Current consensus is, there is little to no study into my original subject, so it should stand, but funding bodies are a law unto themselves, so it would make sense to have an alternative. These discussions led to an “invasion” of La Rochelle as it has been deemed a subject requiring firsthand knowledge of the area. This is a very technical student term for “visiting a friend and getting drunk and recovering from the hangover with coffee, cheese, saucisson and pastries on the beach.” In Freyja-collie speak, this means an excuse to achieve her life long ambition of being fat as she shamelessly “thin faces” every one into giving her all the cheese and sausages she can eat. After 3 days, we are no closer to coming up with an alternative subject, but I now have 7 new ideas for novels.