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T. A. Rodgers
Senior Moderator

Agents have their wish lists, but those lists change every few months based on their conversations with editors. It’s an agent’s job to sell novels. The good agents are in constant contact with the editors they send material to. It’s the agents job to solicit the right editors for your project. The reason tailoring a project to a particular agent or agents is not a wise idea is the industry is in a constant state of flux. If it takes you 6-12 months to write a novel, another 2-6 months to find an agent, another 2-6 months to find an editor, another 18 months for the novel to come out, more than two years has gone by and that’s being conservative. When Girl on the Train was a huge hit a few years back the market was flooded by books with the word girl in them. Now it’s almost impossible to sell a thriller with the world girl in the title. If you finished your novel on the tail end of this trend, you would have a novel and no one to send it to just because of the title.

The best advice I can think of is if you are trying to head the traditional route and want to hire a developmental editor, make sure the editor has verifiable proof that he or she has edited books that have been published by traditional publishers.