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Brien Sz

Here’s my tip for when people ask me about cameras or writing services. Determine your budget. What are you willing to spend? Don’t answer vaguely, like, whatever it takes or no more than 2000 dollars. This is a goal you are thinking about, so write it down. Be specific. If you have a budget of $1000 in mind then go about researching. You may find that you just have enough. Maybe, not even close.

Writer’s Digest offers a developmental service. $5 a page, double spaced, 50 pages minimum. In other words, 250 bucks for very little of your book. 200 pages, double spaced is a grand. You get the picture.

WD service is competitively priced. You can find services that are a bit cheaper and there will be others out there that cost more. What’s your budget? And, do you think what you have written is worth that expense?