Reply To: How much does it COST to Self-Publish a Book?


Rob Vargas


Let me be blunt. I believe that you work for this (so far) unnamed hybrid publisher. You therefore have a vested interest in presenting them. That makes you an advertiser. That’s not allowed in these forums.

Secondly, if I’m right, then you’re hiding this fact by omitting your relationship. That is dishonest. And will get you rapidly banned if I find out for sure that this is so.

Finally, and more importantly, you’re being very vague about the costs. If the author pays “setup and printing fees,” then what “investment” is the publisher making in the book? There are a lot of scam “publishing” houses out there. And this formula very closely resembles what those scammers say and do.

I’m going to allow this one post to remain, along with the other where @ostarella asked some questions. Unless you’re more forthcoming about your relationship with this publishing house, including naming them, all future references will be summarily deleted.