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Rob Vargas


tell me how you could write a series, tv or novels, to hit word count on deadline, while having a meaningful long arc by pantsing.

That’s like asking me how to use a hammer on a screw.

I haven’t made any claims about pantsing, other than that others don’t see it as you see it.

As with ANY tool, there are times and places where it is not ideal. Maybe pantsing is indeed a bad idea where deadlines are important. Just as it’s a bad idea for nonfiction writing. I don’t know that and I don’t claim to know that. You do claim so.

You’re making a great number of assumptions. None of them are necessarily true, though they could be in specific cases.

If you cannot acknowledge that your definition is not the only definition, then you are not going to have any useful conversations here.

I’ve written poems off-the-cuff, and short stories. Novels feel organic to me because of how the story comes to me, but that could simply be a subconscious form of planning/outlining.

Give some of the respect that you’re expecting toward yourself. That is not a request.