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You called pantsing no methods at all.

there is no method to pantsing
you just write and hope
tell me what this alleged method is

And no, what you see as one individual is not necessarily the truth. It’s only your experience. And nothing more.

i know what worked for me and what failed

how ironic you are using the WD forums who make their profit telling people how to plan plot organise and write with true planning methods but never once tell people to pantsit

And since you opted not to answer my question, I’ll leave it at that.

i answered your post. if you have a specific question then ask it.

As for “your biased preference,” that is denigration. Do not make this about the person, or there will be consequences.

not denigration. totally true statement. i said nothing about a person except you like pantsing. you and ostarella love pantsing and try to ban anyone who wont praise pantsing to the skies.

WD makes their profit telling HOW to write. they do not endorse pantsing.
are they going to do something to someone who always supports them or will they support those who have all but killed the forums with their hostility to people they dont agree with.

your meaningless threat was noted. be careful or jess will ban you and ostarella not me.

i only see facts clearly. the fact is that most successful professional writers know they have to plan and organise, not just write and hope.

most amateurs pantsit because they dont know better or they just want to start writing and play at being walter mitty as an author. and millions of desk drawers full of unfinished mss attest to their results.

tell me how you could write a series, tv or novels, to hit word count on deadline, while having a meaningful long arc by pantsing.

someone might get one crappy kindle novel done eventually but you wont make a living using that approach to writing.