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Rob Vargas


The either/or argument. It works. Or it doesn’t work. My way. Or the highway.

The truth here is that WD is neither right NOR wrong. WD teaches something that works for a lot of people. Some people will never get it. Others feel it drain all the art out of writing. Or all the creativity out of themselves.

Each of those attitudes is right. And each of those attitudes is wrong.

Maybe outlining helps more writers than any other writing methodology. Maybe not.

I don’t care.

I DO care that some people seem so invested in “their” way that they denigrate, diminish, sometimes outright attack any other way.

Writing is a deeply personal, intense process of creativity (notice how I don’t say other arts aren’t?).

Try it. Outline. Try it. “Organic” or “seat of the pants” writing.

What I think most people are going to find is that some combination of the two is the right formula for them. SOME planning, and SOME pantsing.

Can we PLEASE stop worrying about who is right or wrong, and just do what’s right for each of us as individuals?