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I’ve set myself an intention, recently, of writing two pages, atleast four days per week. This, to complete a first novel; I’ve written the skeleton, about 150 pages from start to end, and am now fleshing it out—elaborating incomplete scenes, writing the scenes I skipped the first time through. 2 x 4 writing isn’t a FAST way to get a novel completed, but considering that it took me some 4 years, give or take a few months, to get the “skeleton” complete, this feels like a Major Improvement.

Does anyone else approach their writing in a similar fashion?

Also, while at the moment it feels like Major Effort to hammer out TWO WHOLE PAGES in a session, I wonder if it is reasonable to predict that when I’ve done this for some time, I’ll have built up the ‘muscle’ so that I could hammer out maybe THREE pages at a time?

We read about these professionals who sit down and write whole novels in 6 weeks. A-mazing! And while those novels are perhaps not Frightfully Profound, they are often quite competently written entertainment. I have to wonder—-could I do that?

I’d love to hear from anyone who has strengthened their ability for sustained work. How’d’ja do that?

Cheers, Elaine