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Wrote this in a rush, can’t decide if it’s something I like and want to polish or move on..

2 Minutes Till Summer

Can you see my boredom bouncing off the walls

Running ‘round the room and jumping up and down
Screaming, dancing, moving, shaking

Tapping the windows and thumping the floor
Sailing, flipping, dashing soaring

Cutting a rug on the hardwoods and skipping to my lou
Flying, singing, spying, hopping

My boredom goes crazy while I sit confined in my chair
Trapped, cramped, restricted, curbed

Watching the clock, tensed for the bell
Rapt, gripped, captivated, spellbound

The ringing bell reverberates down the empty halls
We are free, to do as our boredoms have done!
Running, dashing, singing, darting…. leaving……. Freeeeee!