Win a Writing Competition to Earn Money

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Win a Writing Competition to Earn Money

Postby elitewriter » Sat May 06, 2017 9:53 pm

Greetings with peace!

I just discovered a site for us writers who want to challenge ourselves and at the same time earn money. Couple of days ago, while searching for a good article submission site, I stumbled upon a sited called . I learned that it is a writing site where writers can compete with each other (writing duels) and be ranked according to how well they did in the competitions while at the same time getting paid for every win. I got really curious and so, I registered to try it myself. Interestingly, I really enjoyed the experience and I am planning to continue to work my way up.

I find this site different from any other writing platforms or outsourcing sites out there. This site really gives you a chance to prove yourself by entering writing contests which I believe a good thing for aspiring and amateur writers. For better understanding on how to make money out of it, firstly, theres what they call text buyer. The text buyers are the ones creating competitions by providing topics which they want to be written. Two interested writers will then enter the contest, receive the same intructions and will be judged by the text buyer on who came up with the best literary piece based on the snapshots taken. Whoever the winner was, takes the prize all to himself. As you win more duels, you are also raising your rank, thus increasing your rate. Furthermore, as you win more competitions, you will also be eligible to be hired by a text buyer without entering a competition with a rate based on how well you did in your past competitions.

The new members will start under the featherweight class. The only way for you to make your way up is to win more writing duels. A writer have a potential to earn up to $4 per win under featherweight class, $8-$16/win under lightweight, $20-$40/win under middleweight class, and a hefty amount of $45-$90/win under heavyweight class.

I know it is very interesting and this is the reason why I am sharing this to all of you. I think it is a newly launched writing website because I haven't heard of it before. Try it also guys and see you in the competitions. :)

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Re: Win a Writing Competition to Earn Money

Postby ostarella » Sat May 06, 2017 11:25 pm

Just me personally, but the "prize" money doesn't seem that impressive. Not to knock the site, because it could be a good exercise, although I didn't see if they offer any feedback other than "you win - you lose". I guess I wouldn't spend a lot of time working on stuff for them, but as long as it's free...
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