Author/Book Websites and Legal Requirements

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Author/Book Websites and Legal Requirements

Postby Tom617 » Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:48 am

Hi everyone,

I appreciate this is quite a dry topic but it's something that I'm fairly confused about. I am of the mind that I should have an author website to promote myself as a writer and allow readers to get to know me. It will also serve as a way to direct people to my book website(s) as I write and develop them. I will also be using social media and a blog to promote my work.

I should make it clear that I intend to self-publish and so I will not be selling any books directly on any site - instead, I will direct people to buy my work at the relevant sales channel e.g. a link to Amazon. People will not be able to register an account on either site but they will be able to subscribe to an e-mail list for updates.

With this in mind, are there any legal requirements I need to meet when I make my websites live? My platform will consist of:

- Facebook
- Twitter
- Google+
- Blog
- Author website
- Book website

As mentioned, I won't be selling the books on any of these directly, but I will promote and link people to the sales sites from these. In terms of the e-mail list subscription, this will be available on the last 3 - blog, author site, book site.

I've seen that a Cookies policy is required on all websites now but are there any other legal notices/requirements etc. that I need to meet? I've seen people mention that a company address should be registered for some sites, but not sure if this applies to what I'm trying to do?

Any help and guidance is greatly appreciated :)
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