My mind

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My mind

Postby Unknown13 » Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:36 am

Just going to post this here. Need to get this out
Sorry for any spelling mistakes

How do I explain this, this.. Feeling I have. I don't have a word for it. But it's driven me insane.
My mind constantly searching for a reason to the madness. I sometimes cry when I'm alone, I see, but
I remain a ghost to most. And what I feel and know is lost within my mind.
See, this is more than a feeling, it's.. Everything, the world. Our race. Thoughts, feelings, music, connections, love, life and death.
The constantly balancing force of everything. Without evil there can be no good. Without darkness, no light, happiness and grief.
There can't be one without the other. But we got it so very wrong. We don't have to pray to a false god, trying to find redemption
and meaning in life.
They force their fake god onto you, to make to follow their rules. To control you
Devide you into groups, to fight each other. Men thinking less the other sex. Racisme, sexism. Genocide, capitalism

The world is ill. We infested our minds, everyone's mind, with seeds of dark and cold desires. We corrupted the only thing we have that's truly good and pure.
We live in a world of capitalism, a world full of control and order. Made so that few could rull many. And it's all a big lie
You think you see the truth. But it's all blown up to such big portions, and made so chaotic that you can't
see the what's really going on because there is just too much poop unicorns and rainbows in the way of the truth about our elections, politics, war and
big conglomerates. The richest handful of people in the world....

The world was ruled by the wrong men from the start, when we first became highly intelligent. And they're sick desire to rule
corrupted everyones mind from the start and the world just took off in a wrong direction and it became the way of life for our race
We were not given this step forward in evolution to piss it away on genocide, greed, control over others.
We were given a chance to for the first time in the history of evolution, to control what would happen next in our race's evolution
And given a conscious mind, so we could expand that into something bigger. There is enough for everyone to live a good life.
A true life, free of working for money. So that you can pay off your debt. And buy a car so you can go from home to work to make more money.
We should focus on helping each other, no greed. Connection and developing our minds together by talking, living, feeling thing, loving.
You can have everything you need, without money. But only if we do it in unity.
The system is built to break those who want to live life right. Without a sickness of the mind that makes you want
to be above others and rule.

This world of greed has made us fight, and kill our own kin. Over what? Control. And I was the one thinking I'm mentally ill.
Look at yourself, not in the mirror, but turn your mind inwards. Did you take part in this sick twisted way of life? Did you sell your very time given to live, away for money?
You voted for it, with the fake value of money that they gave you. Buying all their poop unicorns and rainbows. We all did, all of us.
And you know it to be true, but it's just too ugly to face the fact that life is gray, dull. It's anti depressant pills and mentally ill people.
Do you really think the system works? Look at all the horror and poverty. People starve because we don't take care of our own.
Because we can't afford to give away a number that has been given a fake value. World debt is growing and can never be stopped unless
you wake up and realize it's all just an illusion. Think about it like this, imagine all the money in the world as a pile of rocks.
You borrow a rock, and must give back 2, 1 for the original rock and 1 more as a payment for lending that said rock.
The debt is created. But where do you find the other rock?
Borrow another one from the pile to return that extra you now owe? The void grows and will never be closed.

The system is not working and anyone saying otherwise is ignorant, in on the hoax or brainwashed.
Brainwashed by television, having the right brand, the right shoes, the right car even being the right colour.
Being the god picture that is set for us humans to grasp for not seeing the true values of life.
And we want more money so we can grasp even harder. And that is the thing, they figured out how peoples minds worked. And used that too
make us clueless slaves, puppets that obey and trust blindly.
When it's so far from the true way of life we should aspire to achieve, to expand our consciousness into something bigger and evolve.
Spiritually, with love. For others, the one you hold most dear. Those around you, your own kin. Your race.

I'm angry a lot in my daily life, mostly I'm sad. But I hide that inside of me and always have. They only see the anger.
I'm angry, yes, furious. Because I see, what I see. And yet I cannot do anything about it, I can't even say I don't want a part in it.
We are all forced with might to take part. So fudge you for telling me to calm down in my everyday. fudge all.
fudge this race, you can all burn in atomfire, I truly do not care. I will do my best to help those I love, and those closest to me
and those who will accept my help, I'm not all knowing. But I can help you see what I see at least. But I can do no more.
I just hope that what comes after us will be better than this society.
I'm going to focus my life on achieving inner peace and to one day take no part in this system anymore.
And to help others, to love those closest to me. Connect with them on a higher level, and find true happiness, instead of chasing a lie
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Re: My mind

Postby robjvargas » Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:16 am

If you want to "just post this," I recommend getting a blog. Several services are free.

See, this is a discussion forum. I don't set the rules, but I come here to... well... to discuss.

I don't post just to post. I could be wrong, but I think most participants in discussion forums have similar intent. And those that don't frequently find themselves being considered rude, unfriendly.
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Re: My mind

Postby pls » Mon Mar 27, 2017 11:00 am

I'll move this to the proper forum.
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Re: My mind

Postby cynicalwanderer » Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:30 am

Can't tell if this is a piece of creative writing or an intro to how your mind actually processes. But nicely written all the same.
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