Hello! And Narrative Nonfiction ??

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Hello! And Narrative Nonfiction ??

Postby Lynnthorne67@icloud.com » Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:53 am

Hi all,

I'm Lynn and I'm working on a narrative nonfiction piece. I've sent out some queries and received responses from two agents who requested to read my ms. This confused me, since I've read from so many sources that agents expect a proposal for narrative nonfiction. I have a kick-ass proposal ready! My ms is partially complete.

In both cases, I responded that I have a completed proposal ready (and have attached it), and a partial ms if they'd like to read it.

Since I've had it happen more than once, I wondered whether the expectations have changed? Do agents no longer want a proposal for narrative nonfiction?

And how would you respond to agents who request a MS? I hate to disappoint them, but I thought I was following industry protocol.

Would love any thoughts/input on how to handle it.

Best to everyone here.

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Re: Hello! And Narrative Nonfiction ??

Postby ISpyAshleigh » Thu Feb 09, 2017 1:11 pm

Hey there! I think that there is a lot of differing opinion on narrative nonfiction. In my research, I've found a LOT of people saying that they expect a finished manuscript from first time authors. Others say they want a proposal. Still others want you to have the manuscript finished before you submit but ALSO want a proposal.

For me, I've decided to go ahead and have both on hand before I start submitting to agents. So I'm finishing my book right now and then will draft a proposal before submitting. Which is hard because I am impatient and have over 75% of the book done and frankly I just want to start going out to people with it. But trying to be patient and have all my ducks in a row first. I think that there are no set rules though so hopefully if an agent is interested they will still wait for the finished manuscript if you tell them you don't have it right now.

:) Happy writing!

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