The Past

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The Past

Postby LoveJones21 » Fri May 22, 2015 8:54 pm

As I sit and think about the old times
I begin to realize how quickly time flies
To say that I didn't gain
Would mean that I didn't endure any pain
It might not have been a knife to my heart
But I saw something right from the start
You gave me joy
But at the same time made me feel as if I were a toy
A toy that you pulled along on a string
But being that I liked you so much I’d still pick up the phone, every time it’d ring
I held on so tight
To something that was barely in sight
At times I hated the fact that we didn't reach the finish line
But then I realized, how could I be so blind?
To the fact that I still won the race
Without being truly captured by the chase
If things would have been different then
Who knows where we would've been
I’m thankful for the bond that we have now
And I’ll never fix my mouth to ask who? What? Where? When? Why or How?
Because looking back on the time that we have shared
I can see that back then we were never the perfect pair
As a couple? No
As a friendship? Yes
Because even when I made things hard, you still managed to pass the test
So I’ll say it once and probably twice
You’ll forever be the first guy that I truly liked
You were great then and you are great now
And to know that I have a true friend like you, all that I can say is wow.

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Re: The Past

Postby roda havet » Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:54 am

Wow, that was something. It in my opinion this was very heartfelt and reminded me of a song I heard the other day. I really like this.
:) :)
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